(POST 4) “Grow, Grow, Grow, each day… Gently baby girls…”

Before you drift off to sleep each night (or as often as you are inspired to do so) please sing out tunes of love, strength, and courage to the girls to the tune of “Row, Row, Row, your boat…”    Sienna, in particular, seems to LOVE that tune above all others and I literally watched her vitals climb today each time I sang it to her.  She doesn’t seem to mind what words are sung, or even if it’s just hummed (must be with sincere passion and spirit…)  She seems to love the upbeat tunes (yep, mommy’s trademark optimism is in her veins!!!)    My favorite way of singing it right now is “Grow, Grow, Grow each day, gently baby girls…you are strong and you are loved, all around the world….”

Quin and I have both seemed to hit a bit of a brick wall physically today, as the lack of sleep, emotions, (and I’m sure my hormones), have us feeling tremendously drained.  We took a few hour nap this afternoon after a good visit all day and are on our way back to the hospital now to read and sing more songs.   My favorite book to read to them right now is “Bailey by my Side.”  It’s “Life lessons from a golden retriever.”  As we’ve always known through our golden, Riley (“Big Brother” as he is affectionately called in our home), he holds deep wisdom beneath his kind eyes and fur suit.  He seems to sense that something is awry and continues to comfort us each time we come home with his warmth and lack of judgement.

We sat with parents and heard the surgeon’s good report of a baby girl this morning whose daughter was born at 24 weeks (after her mother has had multiple miscarriages previously) who is also fighting like a champion.  Their daughter came through the expected heart surgery brilliantly while we were sitting with them.  Apparently, all preemies have to have either medication or surgery to close a tiny hole that automatically closes later in full term babies.  Sienna is currently scheduled for the same procedure on Wednesday of this week.   The doctors give us strength and confidence about how often this surgery is done successfully (and it only takes 5 minutes once they are set up to complete).  Please pray for this to go well on Wednesday.  Avery’s will be done later.

We received a large, overflowing gift bag of gifts from one of our new dad heroes in the NICU, Mike, who ,bless his beautiful heart, lost his wife to heaven, which is why his daughter was brought into the world via c-section at only 24 weeks .  Despite all of the absolutely unfathomable pain that he’s dealing with having lost his wife and then having a less than 2 lb baby girl (“Layla”), per the time stamp on the long gift receipt, he obviously went to Buy Buy Baby over the last day and bought US a massive stock of pastel blankets and winter outfits with things like, “Daddy’s little girl” and, “Mom’s angel” embossed on the gorgeous (full size) outfits and onesies.  His little girl was the same size as ours at birth 5 weeks ago, and is now thriving and double that size.  She is SO beautiful and was literally doing push-ups today while I stood with him (how many of us could do push-ups at our current age and weight?!?)  She has miniature pink boxing gloves attached to her incubator that can’t help but make you smile.   Angels are everywhere.   He may never know how his confidence that our little girls will definitely need a huge bag of winter clothes touched our heart (yes, it will be winter when they come home).

Overall, the girls have so far had another stable day that has been uneventful — exactly the type of day we want from here on out!   Each day they simply wiggle and rest, and enjoy the vibrations of “Grow, Grow, Grow, each day…” is a victory.

On we go…

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11 Responses to (POST 4) “Grow, Grow, Grow, each day… Gently baby girls…”

  1. Sarah and Joaquin says:

    Thanks for the update. That is great news! Grow, babies, grow! We are praying all the time and will say a special prayer for Sienna on Wednesday.

  2. Liz Constandy says:

    We have included Avery Rose and Sienna Grace in our nightly prayers with our daughter, and tomorrow we will add “Grow Grow Grow…” to our lullabies. I can’t think of a better way to make your prayers heard than to sing them out into the night. I was born at Fairfax Hospital, a preemie myself back in 1974….they have been skilled in the art of preemie care for a long long time. xoxoxo

  3. Donna Looney says:

    Your faith and strength and positive energy is so uplifting… I know your little girls feel it. Thank you both for your updates — candid and rich and human. The love you have for one another is bringing strength to your baby girls… You are in my prayers (and John’s as well). Get rest for yourselves too… it is important for the days ahead.

  4. Jen Klima says:

    Thank you guys for sharing your days and precious moments with us on this blog… I am so glad to have the chance to feel more connected to you all. Your love, courage, and strength shine through in each post. I think about you all everyday… sending positive thoughts, energy and prayers. Continue to keep us posted and updated. In the meantime, take care of your selves, Avery and Sienna. Hugs and Kisses!

  5. Sharon - Team Maine says:

    we’ll be writing songs on the field tomorrow ! Wishing I was there!

    Love you –


  6. Mike says:

    Hey Quinn, Robin, Sienna and Avery! You’re so welcome for the goodie bag, it was nothing. We have to try and stay positive considering the event’s that have taken place, again, I feel as if Layla, Sienna and Avery can feed off of our positivity and whatever I can do for all four of you to help keep that just let me know. You’ll have plenty of day’s where you’ll just hit a brick wall and crash. The other day Layla and I were kangarooing and although they frown down upon this, I ended up crashing in the chair for about 10-15 minutes. That’s really good that you’ve been able to find a tune and a book that’s comforting to them that enables them to high sat, keep it up because it really does help them recover quick. I’ll continue praying for you all and look forward to watching them grow!

  7. Shirley Clark says:

    I woke up humming Grow, Grow, Grow this morning. Thank you for sharing your inspiring strength with all of us as you experience this journey with your daughters. We are all praying for your precious family and may God’s peace that surpasses all understanding be in your hearts and in your minds. xoxo

  8. Nancy says:

    I usually can’t leave a comment after I read your beautiful, heartbreaking words because I can’t see through my tears. I am praying so hard for your little family…I love you! Know that I am thinking of you each and every day and my friends, family and neighbors are all praying, too. My close neighbors have twin sons born at 27 weeks and I see them playing in my yard every day. I have that vision of Avery and Sienna playing in the yard…happy and healthy! I am praying for that!

  9. Angel Roggenkamp says:

    I love it. All the positive things happening. Just a delight to know that you have an “Angel” with you….. Mike thank you, for being with my brother and sister in law while they are going through this. Avery and Sienna continue to grow and get stronger for everyone. We love you all.

  10. Amanda Blackmon Meiners says:

    What a nice man to buy those things for your girls. He obviously has faith that the girls can pull through. For him to be optimistic after all of his tragedy, is amazing. Those babies have so many people praying for them and wishing them well. They are in my thoughts and prayers every day and night.

  11. Paula Czarnowsky says:

    What a beautiful story for your girls to read later on when they can understand. I hope later on when everyone is home and healthy, you can put your story in a book for others to read. Our prayers go out to you and your family and I cannot wait to see them in person when you bring them to work for a visit and show them around. God bless you.

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