(POST 6) Avery and Sienna’s Lullaby and Random Thoughts from Mommy

Today was another stable day for both girls.  Praise God, the Universe, and the proven power of prayer.

Tomorrow morning Sienna (and perhaps Avery as well) will have heart surgery to close the tiny PDA valve.  This is surgery that a large percentage of all preemies (and especially “micro preemies” such as ours) have to have within their first week or two out of the womb.   The prayer we are asking for tonight is for two very successful, uneventful heart surgery’s this week and for the fluid that is in Avery’s brain (expected because of the pic line that moved earlier in the week) to be reabsorbed back into her body as quickly as possible and on it’s own without surgery (should take approximately 2 weeks for this to happen).

The doctors and nurses have explained that both girls will likely have 3 rough days with more oxygen and blood requirements following the heart surgery.  Our angelic and bursting with love nurses – Michelle, Valerie, and Lauren will be there this week with Sienna (they have clearly fallen in love with her) and Valerie even picked up an extra shift tomorrow night just to be there for Sienna following the surgery.   We love you magnificent ladies and your positive energy gives us strength and peace.   Krista, Raquel, and Jennifer have been taking great care of Avery and we greatly appreciated that Krista spent the majority of last night standing next to Avery holding her hand and touching her since it relaxes her to be touched.

At this age, their skin is so delicate that you cannot stroke them or rub them, and simply have to gently lay your finger(s) on them without moving.  I look forward to when I’m feeling better with my suture and physically recovered from my own surgery so that I can be there longer each time we visit.   My heart and soul literally aches every time we have to leave them, especially knowing that they respond to us being there.  Yet, I know (and have to remind myself no less than 90 times a day) that I must take care of myself first so that I can take care of them.  We were reminded by doctors and nurses again today at least 10 times that the road ahead is winding with lots of dips, stable days, and potential valleys.

If you’re reading this, please take the time to add a quick comment here on the blog each time you visit instead of just sending comments on Facebook or via email (although we love those messages too!) because we want to be able to save the wonderful words and share the messages of encouragement with the girls someday.  Over 600 people a day are already reading these words, and we ask that you continue to spread the word to everyone you know so that more prayers and positive energy flow.  One, if not both, of the girls may need dissertation material when they are getting their Ph.D(s) and perhaps (as it will be a topic they’ll certainly be passionate about) it may be about, “Advancements in Neonatology.”  This blog could become a part of it.

Something I find fascinating (and perhaps is God’s way of balancing out the pain) is that both Quin and I have had happy dreams several nights this week.  Although my pregnancy included many vibrant dreams, I have awakened by laughing on various nights both at the hospital and since we’ve come home.  One of the dreams that had me laughing out loud during the dream was our “last minute” decorating for the twins 2nd birthday party.  We were buzzing around the room trying to decorate with two colors, two of everything, and putting out party favors and hats for LOTS of kids on these small tables that were everywhere.

For the first time since we’ve been married, I awoke yesterday to find my husband laughing and smiling widely while still sound asleep.  I sat and watched him in awe while tears of joy welled up in my eyes.  When he awoke, he couldn’t remember what the dream had been about, but I will NEVER forget that intense moment of joy on his face (the first I’ve seen in over a week) and am so grateful for the gift that his subconscious must have received, and the gift that my conscious received, with him having that obviously very happy dream.   (Happy dreams of the future MUST be a good sign, right??)

I must share something that also made me laugh that I WILL be getting Quin to document, date, and sign since he is a man who always honors his commitments.   And for those of you that have ever heard Quin brag about his 5-yr old daughter Maddie (thus, anyone who has ever met him) you will really appreciate this…   He openly and sincerely agreed while standing next to one of the girls in the NICU this week that the girls can even be bikini models, date lots of boys, go on spring break, etc. if they should ever want to, just as long as they get better and come home with us.  Clearly, this is one heck of an extreme way to get their Dad to lighten up about his dominant fear that his girls will meet “nice boys like him someday,” but it sure was effective.  There’s no doubt that Dad (and Mom) will forever be lighter about the “small stuff” and take all things less seriously, as nothing could ever be so scary again.

Once we have the energy to figure out how to post pictures on this blog, we’ll update the site with lots of pictures of the girls, their nursery, etc.

Our extended family (many members of the City of Alexandria Police Force) has created a special task force, “Operation Keep ’em Growing” and are rallying around us to set up a schedule for house visits, food drop off, dog walking, etc.  We are so grateful.

I wrote the below lullaby (to the tune of “Hush Little Baby”) the first day we came home (just paused realizing that I have no idea at this moment what day that was… Friday?)   Maddie has always has loved it when I sang her this song with any words…. so I decided to write a version for the girls that I’ve been singing to them as often as I can.  I’ll type it here in case any of you would like to sing it to them from afar, and so that they can read and chime out the words someday from their perfect little hearts and bodies…

“Hush little baby girls don’t you cry, mommy’s going to sing you a lullaby.

Grow little Avery grow so strong, grow little Sienna it won’t be long.

Until you are home safe in our arms.  Until you are with us safe and warm.

We love you so very much.  We love you, we love your touch.

You are in God’s healing hands.  He is your protector and knows you can.

Grow each day in strength and love.  Baby girls you are sent from the angels above.

To thrive here on this earth so sweet.  Healthy and beautiful you will be.

Mommy and Daddy….Sister and Brother (Riley)….we will all laugh and love each other.

Gram and Pap…Nana and Pa…Aunts and Uncles, one and all.

Nicole Faith and Mikayla Dawn…they’re your cousins and you’ll have such fun.

Jumping, swimming, laughing, playing games….dressing up as princesses and claiming your fame.

Playgrounds, playdoh, swings, and slides…you are cherished and God will provide…

The strength and courage you need each day… for your victory, and soon you’ll play.

Precious children of the earth, guided by the sun, stars, and wisdom from your birth.

We believe in God and believe in you.  Trusting every moment that we’ll be guided through.

Until you travel to your beachfront home (their nursery is done in a beach theme), where you’ll sleep peacefully and so strong.

Breathe easy baby, be in joy and peace.  Let our love hold you warmly while you sleep.

Rest so gently through the night, we’ll be here with you in the morning light.”

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18 Responses to (POST 6) Avery and Sienna’s Lullaby and Random Thoughts from Mommy

  1. Medea Davis says:


    Hug your nurses and doctors for me. Tell them “Thank you for taking such good care of Avery and Sienna.”

  2. Mike says:

    Hey Quinn and Robin! It elated me to see the two of you smiling and in laughter today as you left, a positive progression which is awesome. We all have guardian Angel’s that watch over us and the dream’s that you all are having are the comfort that these Angel’s are giving you to assure you everything will be just fine. I’ve posted your story in my blog and have asked that those that continue to pray for Layla include Sienna and Avery. The more prayers that go up, the more blessing’s that come down! It’s also awesome that the APD have come together to help you all out. Although the event’s have been tragic and with all that’s going on in the world, it helps us to see that there are still so many wonderful heart’s out there. This support is only the beginning and it’s destined to get better!

  3. Rebecca (Hill) McKown says:

    I went to school with Robin. I read a post one night from my friend Andrea (Bailey) who said she had a prayer request for twin babies of her sister-in-law’s sister. I soon realized who it was for. I have read each post and check often for new updates. I am praying for Avery and Sienna (and the whole family). I loved the song you wrote, that is so sweet.

  4. Sarah and Joaquin says:

    The lullaby is so beautiful. We are praying for the surgeries tomorrow and that the fluid will go down on Avery’s brain. Q, did you promise them a car yet? Well, you promised that they could go on spring break, but did you promise that they could go without their dear old dad? We can’t wait to go to their 2nd birthday party (yes, we just invited ourselves). Sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. Pam Sergent says:

    What a sweet lullaby. We continue to lift your little miracles up in prayer. We pray for wisdom and guidance for the medical staff, and we also lift up your new found friends that are going through similar circumstances. I pray that you will feel the loving arms of God wrapped around you tight, and you will feel His presence more than ever. With our prayers, we send you our love!

  6. Krishna says:

    I learned about this tonight from a friend’s facebook link. I began at the beginning and have read each post. I will look forward to updates on these wonderful and strong baby girls. Remember they do have good ole west virginia country girl blood in them, and from everything that I have read so far they have a great bloodline from their father as well. Stay strong, positive and hold on to all the faith that each other is giving and which everyone who is reading your words is giving as well.

  7. Ashlen Ashton says:

    That’s one of the best lullabies I’ve heard in years; and I’m sure that if your having positive dreams of the future, God intended it to be that way. I’ll be praying for Avery and Sienna for you.

  8. Reed Engdahl says:

    What a beautiful lullaby. God Bless your wonderful family.

  9. Shirley says:

    Dear, dear Robin,

    Your lovely daughters are going to read your words and be so inspired by the strength and faith of their mother. What a lifelong gift you are giving them by recording your thoughts. LOVELY lullaby. I had often changed the words when my boys were young (okay, probably didn’t know the right ones), but never did I imagine such powerful verses. Do listen to the nurses and take care of yourself. We are all praying for successful surgeries. Sending you positive energy and warm hugs.

  10. Billy Bushey says:

    Sorry it took me so long to log and blog. My thoughts and prayers are with you. In the days of fighting sail, when a seaman asked a favor of God, he would alwys pour a bit of his rum ration (grog) over the side as an offering to Davy Jones as well. This has been done.

    Those girls are going to grow into beautiful women. They will be intelligent and popular, so pretty that Hef’s grandsons will be calling daily. I will see to it that they learn to swear in a properly lady-like fashion. I will insure that their dating experiences are safe and enjoyable by teaching them the finer points of bar fighting. I will see their future health looked after by insuring the first tattoos are done clean and proper.

    The Team has your back, Robin and Quentin.

  11. Angel Roggenkamp says:

    Robin that is the sweetest song that I will sing today. I love those little girls more and more each passing hour. I wake up just to read this blog. And, get my tears in as well. My brother (Quintin) is so lucky that he has someone so beautiful inside and out just like you. You keep being strong because my nieces need you to be. And, so does my brother

  12. Cherie Detwiler says:

    … and when aunt Cherie comes to visit, I’ll give you both a hug & a big fat kiss!

    Love the lullaby song! Hoping for the best recovery. xoxo

  13. Amanda Blackmon Meiners says:

    It is hard to imagine babies this tiny. They are certainly very strong girls though. May the Lord guide the surgeons hands today as he repairs the hearts of these precious angels. It will be a long road, but will be extra joyful in the end.

  14. Tim Kemp says:

    Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for your girls and will put them, you and your husband on the prayer list at my church. Mom has been updating me on their progress and gave your webpage address.

    God Bless You All,

  15. Donna Looney says:

    The lullaby is beautiful and one day they will sing it to their children… I am praying for all of you. Your strength and faith is amazing… know so many are thinking of you… just dawned on me… does Pete know? I will email him tomorrow just in case not…

  16. Kammy Stern says:

    Robin, I work with Q and have been praying for your girls since they joined our Blue Family so suddenly. You are all always in my prayers. Thank you to both of you for sharing so candidly what is happening (inside and out). I will meet you soon, I am sure (I’m just in Sector 2, after all).

  17. Erin says:

    I rec’d the link to your blog through the Elizabeth Ministry at Church of the Holy Apostles in Gambrills, MD. I am soo touched by your story, amazed by your eloquent writing, and inspired by your emotions. Thank you soo much for sharing your experience. I am praying for your girls and for your strength and faith to continue to grow.

  18. B says:

    Your story, your life makes mine seem so trivial! I am blessed to read your story and I can’t imagine the pain you are going through. Bless the nurses, it makes me feel like people actually care when you say they are sobbing right next to you! Words can not express what I feel in my heart. I just wish I could blow on a candle and make it all better for you! You two will always be on my mind 😦

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