(POST 7) Healing Hearts…

Both girls made it successfully through their heart surgery!   It was a very long and emotional morning and the surgeon arrived very late.   We held Sienna’s hand while she pumped away at our finger and practically kicked off her miniature diaper with her leg curls.  She seemed to be showing us how strong she was.  Avery had her eye covers off this morning (her eyes are still fused shut) and she had her hands and fingers curled up so sweetly next to her chin.   I cried upon seeing her beautiful face, as we’ve only seen them a few quick times without the eye covers on.   They are truly gorgeous with little button noses that melt your heart.

Once the cardiac surgeon entered the room, he comforted us quickly with his kind demeanor and confidence.   The entire staff was wonderful all morning.   Sienna’s surgery was completed first and she pulled through strong.   Then, after hearing that Avery was heading into surgery with less strength than Sienna because of a night of “desatting,”  we waited another 1.5 hour for Avery to have the same blessed news.  Success!

They are both resting comfortably and their vitals are stable (for now, they are actually better than right before the surgery).   We have been cautioned that they both will have a few very rough days from now through at least Friday, but then we should start to see steady increases in their strength, less reliance on the machines, and hopefully the ability to start getting more nutrition than just the fluids they are currently receiving.   Many NICU parents have given us the encouraging news that within a day or two of this same procedure, that their little ones started to make terrific strides forward.  They all consider the procedure our lovelies had today to be a major turning point in their own journey.

This was a huge milestone for both girls and we are feeling truly blessed and touched by the hand of God.   We’re both currently having a major adrenaline dump in this moment and need to rest, but we wanted to get the good news out quickly.

Please do not let up on any of the prayers and positive energy.   They need our strength and ALL OUR PRAYERS ARE WORKING!    We are truly grateful for the entire medical staff of Inova Fairfax NICU and to all of you around the world who care.   Please keep the positive energy flowing toward Avery Rose and Sienna Grace for a smooth and rapid recovery…

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23 Responses to (POST 7) Healing Hearts…

  1. Medea Davis says:

    Such strong girls. Glad they made it through ok. My love to you all.

  2. Caryl Self says:

    Peter and I are continuing to pray for the health of your girls. Twins! So excited for you. Wish we could do more to help, so just say the word!

  3. Cherie Detwiler says:

    Great news! They have both come a long way babies! Sending west coast sunshine and lov’n. xoxo

  4. Pam Sergent says:

    That is awesome news!!! Praise God!!

  5. Huff says:

    This is awesome news!!!

  6. Elisabeth says:

    Great news!! Still praying hard!!

  7. Jen Klima says:

    YAY! I am so glad to hear that both surgeries went well!! I recently read that INOVA Fairfax is one of the top hospitals in the country (if not THE top) for neonatal care… sounds like the girls are in excellent hands.

    I loved reading about your (and Quin’s) recent dreams… what a positive sign!!

    I can’t wait to meet Avery and Sienna (BEAUTIFUL names!!) … but in the meantime, I am sending my love and prayers!!!

  8. Angel Roggenkamp says:

    I am happy to hear the tiny nieces have have pulled through. I am praying for them every time i turn around. They have been the topic of disscussion in our home. Andrew is Quintins nephew and is always asking about them. My best friend who is staioned in Fort Hood Texas text and ask as well. So, like I stated before from Califonia, up north to Missouri, all through Texas, Florida and even Connecticut are praying for those tiny strong babies

  9. Jenny Jones says:

    So happy your babies are doing as well as they are, god be with you all. I remember when my own grandaughter had heart surgery and how scary it was, but it sounds like you have excellent doctors and little ones recover so fast. The website is wonderful, a memory to be cherished someday and a wonderful way to keep friends and family updated. God bless and tell your mom not to worry about anything.

  10. Amy Wolk Rollins says:

    It’s been many years since we were in Chi Omega together at WVU. Jenn (Foulk) Hare- who I remain in touch with, informed me of the birth of your twins & your blog. I certainly am praying for your family. It is apparent through your blog, that you and your husband are incredibly strong- individually and as a couple and are passing that strength on to your beautiful baby girls. I have faith that your story…your candidness… will give millions of others hope & strength when they need it most. It is definitely a reminder to all- not to take anything for granted. I look forward to reading about their progress and seeing their beautiful pictures.
    With Love and Prayers-
    Amy Wolk Rollins

  11. Tracy (Craig) Ronan says:

    So glad to hear they are doing so well!! You have some super strong girls and are strong parents as well. We are praying every day for those little angels of yours 🙂

  12. Angel Roggenkamp says:

    Hey uncle Quintin…. This is Andrew. I want to say I am thinking about the girls and I am praying for them to be strong and no matter what take on any challenges big or small. Hope you and your wife are holding strong as well.

  13. Tania Gonda says:

    Hi Robin and Quin,

    Praying for you and your girls. Shared the links from Robin’s facebook page and my FB friends are also praying. They are very touched by your story and the eloquence of the blog. Quin’s initial postings were very powerful and the tears ran down our faces. Robin, I am so glad you are able to post now and I can “hear your voice”. :-)Avery and Sienna were obviously born to the right parents. 🙂

    When my son was born (nearly 16 years ago), he was in NICU at Fairfax Hospital for 23 days. I remember how hard it was. When the girls are older, we can compare notes.:-)

    Love and hugs,


  14. Ria Waugh says:

    I’m relieved that both surgeries went well. Lot’s love, hugs and kisses to you all!!!

  15. Susan Mcmurray says:

    Incredible news! Those little girls are true fighters. Hope you two can get some rest tonight after what must have been an exhausting day.

  16. Nancy says:

    Hi my friend! I love keeping track this way and hope to see you (all) very soon!! My mom is saying her rosary each day for the girls and of course I am praying with all my might for those sweeties! They share Cole’s birthday! July 26th is now ever more special!! xoxo

  17. Dan and Dani and Justus Weber says:

    Thanks for these updates, we really appreciate being included like this. We continue to hold you all in our thoughts and prayers, the girls are fortunate to have both of you, being there in person and so well focused on their complete well being. Many blessings to all four of you. God Bless you all.

  18. Kyle Ward-Dahl says:

    Stumbled onto your site after a friend pointed it out to me. Sarah and I are rooting for these two little champions with all our hearts! Keep fighting girls!!!

  19. andrea says:

    i’m getting more and more excited with each post- even the ones that don’t contain great news are so graphic, informative and well-written! makes us feel like we are going through this right next to you (and we ARE, in spirit). anything “operation: keep ’em growing” can do to keep you going, let us know- we all want to see the PhD behind their names too! love you guys!
    and PS- i was 3 weeks early. early girls rock!!!

  20. You all remain in our prayers. I told our moms group in Forsyth County GA your story, and the moms all send good wishes and prayers.

  21. Sharon - Team Maine says:

    We’re cheering and praying…praying and cheering! Picking a few berries in between…can’t wait to get home and meet these brave little girls!!!

    Love you much!


  22. Amanda Blackmon Meiners says:

    Thank the Lord the girls made it through safe and sound. I wanted to say that I think the names that you guys have chosen are absolutely beautiful. Those babies are so precious. We will keep up the prayers.

  23. Sharon Boisvert says:

    My prayers are with you all everday, every minute. Thanks for sharing .

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