(POST 9) Quick Update

Sorry about the wait and I promise to have something of more substance by Saturday evening, but today was kind of busy.

A gift Robin had given the McMurrays - now gifted back to our girls...

This morning Robin, Mom (in law) and I awoke and got ready for the trip. Our son (remember, the furry four legged one?) Riley was going with a friend of Robin’s for the day (Thanks again, Mike.) and unfortunately Mom had to go back to West Virginia-I can’t express just how grateful I am for all that she did for us while she was here-so there were a lot of moving parts in the preparation.

When we arrived Sienna was in the process of receiving a PICC line (still not sure what it stands for) so we went to Avery’s room. She was doing well with only the expected needs going on and was still on her tummy, which she seems to enjoy. I’m not sure if Robin updated this part, but both girls are now off of the oscillator and on a ventilator. The biggest difference is that the oscillator was pumping about 600 small breaths per minute into their tiny lungs while the ventilator is only pumping about 50. I am holding onto this being progress. Sienna was also in pretty stable condition but was still on her back. Both girls are currently needing blood pressure medications and some blood to keep going, but the doctors have told us that is to be expected, especially since they just came out of surgery to fix their hearts (who wouldn’t need support?).

Unfortunately, we found out that the daughter of one of our new friends was having a bit of down slide. Nothing too major, just a small speed bump on her road home. We will continue to pray for you, Layla.

After our visit with the girls we went to pick Maddie up and she was just getting her hair painted for “crazy hair day” so I decided to join in the fun and had my beard painted pink (that’s right, pink, any problems with that?). We went home and talked to Maddie about the babies. She asked quite a few questions and one of them was about who was caring for the girls. We explained it to her and she said that she wanted to make something for them. She made cards that said, “Thank you, Nurse for loving my baby sisters.” She then made cards for each of the girls that said, “I love you, Baby Sisters.”

When I arrived at the hospital (Robin and Maddie stayed home) I was immediately told that Sienna was having a good night and I noticed that she was on her stomach. Lauren said that she seemed to be enjoying it. I took her temperature and changed her tiny diaper. I then read Officer Buckle and Gloria as she drifted back to sleep.

In Avery’s room I met with her nurse and found that she, too was having a pretty good night. Avery had been quite feisty and was swinging her left hand each time that her nurse was doing stuff with her so her hands had been tucked into the blanket to keep them static. But that’s not enough to keep her still; she was pulling her left hand (the right one was under her) out almost as quickly as it could be tucked back in and was pulling on the tubes that she had in her mouth. I melted when I was allowed to change her diaper (the first time for Avery) and instead of her throwing judo chops she calmed down, allowing me to do so despite my clumsy, still damaged right thumb. I then read the same book to her that I had read to Sienna.

On the way out I ran into a couple we met during the first week whose baby had also been in the NICU but had just been moved up to the Pediatric floor. I am very excited for them.

Please keep the prayers going and I ask that you also include baby Layla. More to follow.

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4 Responses to (POST 9) Quick Update

  1. Gene Roggenkamp says:

    What a relief to be able to touch and even change your babies. Reading to them would have a calming effect not just for them, but for you, as well. More books, more books, more books. They will probably like to have the same one read over and over, though. It is how the world of children works. And, it will be the only book that really drives you crazy. But, how sweet it will be. Our prayers are with you all and with baby Layla. Give Maddie a kiss from Nana and Pa and let her know we appreciate all she is doing to help her baby sisters. – Momma

  2. Nancy says:

    Grow baby girls, Grow! Everyday is such a blessing! Love you guys!

  3. Sarah and Joaquin says:

    Glad your girls are doing well. It’s nice to hear that Avery is already listening to her dad…and that she took it easy on you by not karate chopping your thumb 🙂 We will pray for Layla to make a quick improvement. Sorry we didn’t get to see the pink beard. We know Maddie was a fan, but how about Riley?

  4. Susan Mcmurray says:

    Sounds like a really good day. Hugs from CA. Keira is hoping she will get to meet Maddie on our next trip. They can exchange big sister secrets. Sounds like Maddie is already up to the task. Avery and Sienna will just adore her.

    Praying for more good days!

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