Healing Prayers for Avery at 10 and 10

It’s now 10am EST on Avery’s one-month birthday.    Also my wonderful niece, Nicole’s, 8th birthday.    Happy Birthday beautiful Nicole.   You are such a joy and shining light in the world and we are so proud of the thoughtful, kind, warm, and magnificent girl that you are.

We had a tremendous scare last night at the hospital that brought both Quin and I to our knees and left us speechless and beyond fearful throughout the night.  Our nurse told us that they started Avery on a new medicine and that they are very closely watching her blood gases because she may be putting out too much urine….a sign of kidney trouble.  They are continuing to monitor her very closely and every blood gas they do should provide them with more information.  We can hardly breathe.

We know that all of you are praying for her throughout the day and we are truly grateful.  We are now asking for special prayers for Avery’s healing and strength at 10am and 10pm EST every day so that we all will be praying simultaneously around the world at least twice a day.   Please pass this message on to everyone you can and ask that they kindly send her love, strength, and positive energy at those times each day (and as many other times as possible).

We love and appreciate you all.

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8 Responses to Healing Prayers for Avery at 10 and 10

  1. Angel Roggenkamp says:

    Please know I will be praying non stop. I believe in her I believe she will pull through. I just know she will be okay

  2. Catching up on your posts today after being out of town. Firstly, our prayers and thoughts remain with you all every day. May Quin’s hand heal well too. Your strength and faith remains inspirational to us.

  3. Erin and Steven Shillingburg says:

    prayers are being said around the clock and will say a few extra at 10 and 10! you can beat this Avery, you are a strong little girl!

  4. I hope this is just a bump for Avery, and doesn’t turn into anything serious. Really, you all are due for at least a few weeks of nothing but a smooth ride on this dang NICU rollercoaster. I hope it is right around the corner. Hang in there, you are both strong, and so is Avery!

  5. Leah Meisel says:

    I think of Avery constantly and am continually sending her healing thoughts.

  6. Diane Sheridan says:

    Have many people praying at 10am and 10pm…any many in between. Bracelets are quite popular and people are happy to wear them and pray for Avery Rose and her guardian angel Sienna Grace! Happy to hear that Avery is a dancing princess in her incubator, another talent she shares with her cosuin Brooke. She had to have her head shaved for her IV”s because she was always dancing. Stay strong and keep smiling, she can sense when you are happy!

  7. Nicolle GS says:

    Sending healing thoughts to strong little Avery. I have told Miss Parker that she also has a special friend to pray for. XOXO

  8. Susan Lennon says:

    I will be praying at 10 & 10 for sweet little Avery and will share this with my family and friends here in Maine♥ Much love to you both and Sienna is her sisters little angel so I have a feeling she won’t let anything happen to Avery. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful family….

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