A poem of love – “Avery’s Rose”

A beautiful poem written for Avery by Heidi Dolobach.  Thank you so very much, Heidi.    This is a priceless gift that comforts us.  We are grateful to be able to share it.

Avery’s Rose

The Lord picked a special flower from his garden with delight,
He placed her on his table in a ray of pure sunlight.
He said, this light my flower, will help to make you grow,
To be the most beautiful from my garden, as all so soon will know.

She said, today it’s raining Lord, he said, oh yes I know,
The rain, it’s for your parents dear, so they can watch you grow,
They’ll appreciate the sunshine; I’m sending them each day,
To guide them on their journey; as I light the way.

The light she said, Lord, it seems so very bright,
I will let your eyes stay closed so it seems like night,
And then when you are ready, just open them and see,
Your parents there beside you, walking close with me.

She said Dear Lord, I want to know, which flower will I be?
He said the most fragile kind, a Rose; for the entire world to see!
Your beauty will enthrall them, as they watch you day by day,
I’m holding you and nourishing you, preparing you for your stay.

The Lord said I will miss you, and no one could take your place,
She said, Oh Lord, I know just the one, my Sienna Grace!
He said, she’ll be perfect for my garden, Oh, her lovely face,
Will be the most beautiful rose in heaven, and she’ll be my Sienna Grace!

She’ll watch over as you struggle, from your  fragile state,
And give your parents comfort on the nights they lie awake.
A special name they’ll give you, they’ll call you Avery Rose,
Loving you forever, from your head down to your toes!

So thank you for your special Rose, you have given back to me,
Wait no longer for you see, there is someone you should meet,
I have chosen them from everyone, and you will be so glad,
To spend your life with them forever, and to call them Mom and Dad!

The life that they’ve prepared for you, will be a whirlwind of delight,
From the time you wake each morning until you go to sleep each night!
You’ll have some special friends you know, their waiting for the day,
To meet their special Avery Rose, to smile, to sing, and play.

You have a special namesake, a Grandma she’ll be to you,
Her prayers will all be answered, then, her worries will be few.
She’ll spoil you and Maddie, Nicole and Mikayla too,
And a special treat for Riley, because she knows he watches you!!

So go my precious flower now, so all can see my work,
And know that I am with you, even when you hurt,
Live for me forever, and tell each one you know,
That you will always and forever be, my precious Avery Rose!

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9 Responses to A poem of love – “Avery’s Rose”

  1. Susan Mcmurray says:

    A lovely poem for a lovely little girl.

    Hugs from CA.

  2. Susan Lennon says:

    Absolutley beautiful poem♥ as are you Avery Rose♥♥you have all touched so many lives.
    Hugs from Maine….

  3. Bernie & Heidi Dolobach says:

    Requested a special prayer for our baby girl tonight, praying for a better day for tomorrow for all of you! Come on Avery, Keep On Keepin’ On! We love you baby girl!

  4. Nicole Malachowski says:

    What a beautiful poem for a beautiful family! Today is a new day…miracles abound. Rest well Avery, get bigger and stronger everyday.

  5. Carla Bryant says:

    Beautiful tribute to a beautiful baby!

  6. Elisabeth says:

    Beautiful poem – thank you for sharing! We are still including both girls in our prayers every night.

  7. Amanda Blackmon Meiners says:

    That poem was just lovely. I may not post as much as before because my classes are so hard and every day. Buy please know that I’m still praying for Avery and thinking of her.

  8. Angel Roggenkamp says:

    That is beautiful

  9. Tania Gonda says:

    What a beautiful and inspired poem! Sending <3, hugs and prayers to all of you!

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