Bright Eyes

'Lil' miss bright eyes' checking out mom and dad while dad holds her pacifier for her (the morning of 9-3).

Avery continues to prove her strength.  This morning her nurse Raquel laughed as she told me that she had, “had a little talk with Avery.”   She said she told her, “Hey kiddo.  I told your parents that you would be ‘out of it’ for three days.   And, here you are….opening your eyes within 30 minutes??!?   You’re making me look bad.”     I reminded her that they told me the exact same thing when they took her dad in for his surgery a few weeks ago.  They had said it would take him at least an hour to wake up from the anesthesia.  It took him about five minutes to have bright eyes again.   His first words after those five minutes of recovery were, “Hey, are they ready to start the surgery yet?”

Because of her continued activity, they had to provide her with more medicine to try to get her to relax and sleep, so she can best recover from her surgery.   She was shuffling down her bed on her belly so diligently this morning, that she actually used her blanket to force out her own breathing tube right in front of her doctor and nurse.   Fortunately, she was doing this in front of them (showing off??) as they were quickly able to re-intubate her.

Despite the increase in medicine, she continued to slowly open and close her bright eyes and move her fingers during our first visit of the day.   The nurse explained that as long as she continues to do well over the next 24 hours, that they will start her on feeds again tomorrow.  We’ll spend more time later today telling her how much she’s loved around the world and cheering her on to more weight gain and strength in the coming days.

One of her clearly favorite things to do is to push her feet out of the bottom of her little rounded bed out into the air of the isolette on a daily basis.  The nurses tuck them in the bottom, she pulls them out the top.  We tuck them in the top, she pushes them out the bottom.  I like to envision her kicking her feet out of the bottom of her covers for years to come.

This mom just knows that this strong-willed kid not only has beautiful bright eyes, but also a very beautiful bright future.

Avery kicking her foot outside of her tight little bed.

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9 Responses to Bright Eyes

  1. Simply beautiful, the pictures brought tears to my eyes!

  2. Jen Klima says:

    I agree… simply beautiful. I can’t get over Avery’s big bright eyes and the alertness in them. Amazing!!

  3. Melissa Silbaugh says:

    Robin and Quintin,
    What a “tough little cookie”! She came out early to see what was going on and she’s not going to let any medications slow her down. She’s trying to tell that nurse there a “new kid in town”…not your AVERAGE micro-premie! A real sweetheart.

  4. Diane Sheridan says:

    Happy tears today, Baby Avie is beautiful!! She also seems to be quite talented and loves showing off for her doctors and nurses as well as mom and dad, so proud of her and her accomplishments thus far, because this is only the beginning. I don’t blame her for trying to get her feet out in the air, covers on the feet are too confining and Robin she will be kicking off her covers for years to come! Love you all, Aunt Diane and Brooke

  5. Susan Lennon says:

    Baby Avie is one tough little princess! I love how she has the determination to let you all know what she wants to do…..she wants to see her parents and that must give you an incredible feeling of joy to see her bright little eyes! She also wants her tiny feet uncovered and it made me giggle to just picture her making it happen…To you both, more days of joy and remember to rest when you can. You both are wonderful parents and I continue to be amazed with your strength and messages…
    Much love,
    Susan from Maine

  6. Nancy says:

    Look how gorgeous that baby is!! I just love to see these photos. Thanks for sharing them. Love you, guys!

  7. Rebecca (Hill) McKown says:

    So glad to hear the good news. Baby Avery just looks absolutely perfect. I am hoping things go really well and she can get back on her feeds schedule.

  8. I love the pic showing her eye’s wide open and I’m glad that the surgery went well! She’s so strong and will only continue to get stronger and I’m happy that you both get to experience all the little thing’s that Avery’s willing to show. Praying for you all!!

  9. Heidi says:

    She is a strong baby, and will continue to show her strength to you every day. I love the pictures you post, she is an adorable little girl.

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