Role Models

Our families are a continual source of inspiration and pure love.  We are so incredibly blessed to have such caring, kind, generous, thoughtful, and wonderful parents (and grandparents for our children).   Thank you for everything you do for us and the constant support and strength you provide.  There could never be enough words to express how deeply grateful we are for you and the beautiful lessons you have shown us about what it means to be marvelous parents.  We love you dearly.

“Gram and Pap” – Happy 46th Wedding Anniversary (9-5-10)

"Nana and Pa"

Avery is resting well, back on small feeds, and weighed in at 2lb 11oz today.   Every day brings new reasons for hope, and also new challenges and stresses.    Please keep this miraculous tiny warrior in your prayers and continue to lift her up with us all at 10 and 10.  We know she looks forward playing with her Gram and Pap and her Nana and Pa!

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4 Responses to Role Models

  1. Angel says:

    I am so happy her grandparents well the whole family continues to provide all the support for each and everyone of y’all and us. Mom and dad are very supportive for team Avery and Sienna. Love you

  2. Tiffani says:

    The Roggenkamps are constantly in my prayers. I derive hope and inspiration from this blog, and keep up my own personal vigil for you. Continue to experience the joy of growth, the splendor of community and the power of prayer!

  3. Diane Sheridan says:

    I know Gram and Pap personally and I agree they are wonderful people and great role models, always supportive. I never met NaNa and Pa, but they have a strong, caring and loving son who is a great husband (to my niece) and father to two beautiful girls, so I am sure they are great people too. Praying as always for Baby Avie, her parents, and grandparents as well as the doctors and nurses in NICU. Bless you all! 2lbs. 11ozs. is good news, she will be 3 lbs before you know it, love you Avery.

  4. Susan Lennon says:

    Your little warrior Avery Rose is growing and it makes me smile…..2 lbs 10 ounces is wonderful…..she will be 3,4 and 5 pounds before you know it….continued thoughts and prayers at 10 & 10! and Congrats to your Gram and Pap for 46 yrs of marriage and also to Nana and Pa for their continued support of all of you…..
    Hugs from Susan in Maine

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