Sleeping Beauty Gets Bigger Diapers

Avery holding Mommy's finger (9-9-10)

We captured these adorable pictures of our beauty, Avery, sleeping today.   She hasn’t yet made it off the ventilator, but her blood gases looked better this afternoon so the doctors reduced the pressure and put the vent on the ‘auto’ setting which means that she has to initiate the breaths herself.   It’s another positive step forward and she did great.

We were told this morning by the nurse that she now has a “fat roll,” which we were cheering about!  (who would have thought this would be so exciting?)

Sleeping Beauty with her gorgeous and glamorous hand-made hat. Thank you Aunt Erin and Miss Reese!

We received our third shipment of Tiny Warrior bands so have more available if any of you would still like one or several.   We are so grateful that there are over 600 people already wearing the bands around the world and appreciate how many of you have told us that it reminds you to say special prayers for Avery.   The City of Alexandria Police Force looks great wearing pink!  It means so much to us that these strong men and women we call “family” are wearing these faithfully as a badge of honor.

We are also happy to share that we have collected a significant amount of money for the March of Dimes through your generous ‘Tiny Warrior” donations (over $1600 and counting).  The donations will be used for something very special and important.  We will keep you posted.

Tiny Warrior wrist band donations to the March of Dimes will help prevent prematurity and help support families and babies in the NICU.

We’ve learned that “bigger diapers” are a cause for celebration for all NICU parents for obvious reasons.  Our Avery traded in her “micro-preemie” diapers today for an upgrade to the “preemie” diapers!   Quin and I are beaming with pride with her “upgrade.”   3 lbs here she comes!

WHOO HOO for bigger diapers!

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12 Responses to Sleeping Beauty Gets Bigger Diapers

  1. Amber mcnabb says:

    I’m so happy to hear that baby Avery is doing wonderful, I don’t know if u remember me but me and my boyfriend are the ones that talked to u about the PDA surgery and the ones that u saw one morning heading up the elevator to take Ryan home. My family and i continue to pray little Avery and ur family. We would Like a few on the tiny warrior bands.

  2. Bernie & Heidi Dolobach says:

    Spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy to hear, that means she’s growing daily! 🙂

  3. Yay for good progress! Very good news about her changes on the vent, and hope that CPAP is right around the corner. Andrew graduated diaper size just a week or so ago too, and we were also very excited. Hold on to every milestone!!

  4. Reed Engdahl says:

    So happy to hear the progress that God has blessed you with.

  5. Angel Roggenkamp says:

    I am the happiest aunt around. That is such great news about the upgrade in diapers and the fat roll. Love the pictures of sweet baby Avie. I will need more bracelettes soon. Almost every city in Texas someone is wearing them proudly.

  6. Nicole Malachowski says:

    Be sure to save one of those micro-preemie diapers! Someday you will be able to show Avery how far she’s come. Those little diapers will speak a thousand words. Rest well tonight Avery…3 lb is just around the corner 🙂

  7. Susan Lennon says:

    WONDERFUL news that little Avery is growing and into a new size diaper! What Bless-ed news (is that even a word….hehe) I smile this morning as I type at the milestones she is making and how joyful this news must make you all♥ I too would love to have a pink band but not sure how to get one. I will send you my email in hopes that this way I can get my address to you.
    Continue to pray for Avery and you all…
    Hugs from Maine♥

  8. esther rankin says:

    Robin and Quin,

    Hooray for bigger diapers and baby “fat rolls ” ! I am so thrilled to hear of Avery’s progress!! Prayers are being answered daily!
    I’m sure every good day renews your strength and increases your hope. Avery is staying true to her “Tiny Warrior” label and I pray she will continue to do so. May God continue to bless your family and continue to hold you all in His hands !
    Esther, Joe & Juliann Rankin
    ( Aunt Heidi’s sister)

  9. andrea says:

    Such great news!! However, Avery kinda stands out from other “micro preemies”. due to her amazing will, strength popularity and determination, I propose that we call her “super-preemie”. now I want to learn to knit &make her a little pink cape with an “A”. Keep up the great work, Avery!

  10. Elisabeth says:

    It’s wonderful when a fat roll and an expanding waistline are GREAT news!! There will be a day in the far off future when Avery likely won’t think that’s great news anymore 🙂 Sending lots of hugs!

  11. Diane Sheridan says:

    Great news all around for baby Avie!! Definitely save the “tiny diaper” she will be surprised to see it when she is older (Brooke was) and we still have a tiny bottle she drank from in the NICU. Fat rolls and bigger diapers are a major sign of progress and 3lbs. is real exciting as I recall. Her new hat is beautiful and she looks so content holding mommy’s finger. I still find myself humming Jesus Loves Me for her when I look at the warrior band around my wrist. God Bless you all!

  12. Kammy Stern says:

    I actually had someone on a traffic stop ask me about the pink band (after I issued the VUS). When I told him about the girls, he said they would be in his prayers and that he was born at 14wks early (looked like a college football player now). Anyway, it was the first time someone asked, and he did it even though he had the ticket. I was a little surprised, but you have one more set of prayers for Avery!

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