Two months

Avery turned two months old today.   Such joy.   My due date isn’t until November.   So surreal.  It’s amazing how quickly our life was turned upside down.  It’s even more amazing that we’ve been given the painful, yet miraculous, opportunity to witness the development of our infant daughter from week 23 of her life.   Each time we visit her, even though it’s only been hours since we saw her last, I notice something new and notice that she’s changed.   This morning, I felt giddy looking at how much her hair has grown and how her cheeks are now getting chubby.   Happily, she is still on CPAP, and also on full feeds through her feeding tube (no more pic line!)   She’s started at “8” on the CPAP, is currently at “6,” and needs to get down to “2” before she can move to the nose cannula.  After that big step, she’ll be able to start to learn to eat from a bottle.

We have been enjoying the absolute beauty and comfort of “kangaroo care,” which allows us to hold her against our skin.   Time flies when we have the opportunity to cuddle with her.

Avery enjoying "Kangaroo Care" with her dad.

Looking like a tree frog on dad's chest...

We never take a single hour or bit of progress for granted, and are endlessly grateful for the phenomenal care she receives at Inova Fairfax from the entire staff.   Even though Avery is in a different room of the NICU than where they work, Sienna’s nurses still visit Avery every time they are on shift, and often come by to just give us a hug and a smile.  They will always feel like family.

The back of a mirror that Sienna's nurse, Lauren, decorated for Avery. (They gave us a mirror so we can look at Avery while we embrace her in "kangaroo care.")

The heart-shaped giant cookie we made for the terrific staff.

I get through the long days by reminding myself that Avery will not remember this time of her life.  We will remember, but she will not.   I believe she will continue to amaze us throughout her life with her strength and courage.  For two months we have seen her fight harder for her life, and endure more, than many people will in their entire lives.   For the miracle of her heroic feats, we will never complain that we still have an undetermined amount of waiting until she comes home, and (as we’ve been warned) potentially more ups and downs as is the proclaimed, “life of preemies.”   We are focusing on the “ups” and in gratitude for each moment we share with her and for the love she is receiving from around the world.

Hooray! Avery's two months old today!

"Kangarooing" with a very happy mom who can't wait to put bows in that cute long hair!

Peacefully sucking on her pacifier... Tucked in for the night.

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6 Responses to Two months

  1. Erin and Steven Shillingburg says:

    Robin your words are so beautiful! She looks so big and alert now (not that she ever didnt look alert! 🙂 You and Qs strength in ever post is just so amazing to me… I am speechless… but know that she is here on earth to do great things in you and the world. I cant wait to see what those are!

    Avery i got you something while I was out the other day! I will get it to you all soon!

    ((Hugs)) and prayers


  2. Susan Mcmurray says:

    Happy 2 Months Avery! What an accomplishment.

    Love from CA

  3. Rebecca (Hill) McKown says:

    The pictures are precious. I’m glad she is continuing to do well!

  4. Diane Sheridan says:

    The pictures and the story are wonderful updates on Baby Avie, she really is getting chubby and filling out nicely. Her hair looks like mommy’s and I’m guessing she has dads eyes. She truly is a beautiful miracle, her strength just like yours is inspiring to all you are following your story. It is a blessing that she won’t remember this experience but when she is older she will want you to share the stories and memories with her so she can share them with her friends. Hope she doesn’t take after her cousin Brooke and add her own details (she tells people now that she went to Mercy Hospital in a helicopter) but she really went in a NEOnatal ICU ambulance and the two nurses who accompanied her on the trip were two favorites. She still enjoys looking at pictures and marvels at how tiny she once was. Blessings to all of you, keep up the good work!!

  5. Jen Klima says:

    Happy 2 months (and 2 days) to sweet Avery!!! I love the pictures of her little eyes wide open… just amazing since as you said, your due date wasn’t for another 2 months. She just looks so aware!! Loving all the pics!!

  6. MoDLin says:

    Even hidden behind her CPAP, it’s easy to see that Avery is such a pretty little thing. Yes, you’re on a rollercoaster ride and I hope you have many more ups than downs. Enjoy those wonderful moments of kangaroo care. They are good for all three of you.

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