Honoring Sienna’s Life

“This tiny someone touched our hearts and left our lives somehow changed forever…”


Sienna's Footprints...


All are welcome to join us on Friday, 10/8, at 1:30pm at Arlington National Cemetery to honor Sienna Grace’s life and spirit.    There will also be a gathering of family and friends at the Alexandria Police Association Hall immediately following the service with food and drinks.   Details are below for both.    Please feel free to stop by the gathering even if you can’t make it to the ceremony, or to contact us if you need any additional information.


The Arlington Columbarium with a view of the National Cathedral.


If attending the ceremony, please tell the security guards at the entrance of Arlington National Cemetery that you are there for the “Roggenkamp service” and they will direct you to the Administration building.  Parking is free.   We will meet at 1:30pm in a room at the Administration building and then drive in a caravan to the site of the service at approximately 1:45pm.   Arlington Cemetery is metro accessible (there will be plenty of room to ride with another guest to the service site if you are taking the metro).

The Police Association Hall is located at 3010 Colvin Avenue, Alexandria, VA, 22314 (free street parking).

With gratitude and love,

Quintin, Robin, and Madison

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8 Responses to Honoring Sienna’s Life

  1. Cathy Sotelo says:

    I will be there in spirit. I will pray to God to make this day as easy for your family as possible. God Bless you all.

  2. I will be thinking of you all as always and will take some time to be still and honor Sienna. You all remain in our prayers.

  3. Nicole Malachowski says:

    Will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Monique says:

    Robin, I have been thinking about you and Avery quite a bit since I met you last week in the Fairfax Hospital parking lot. Tonight I had to dig out my check book to write a check for my son’s 2nd grade class and I remembered that I have been wanting to spend a moment to check out your blog. Of course a moment has turned into an hour (I love these late night hours sometimes when the whole house is sleeping and I can get total “me” time). Your blog is wonderful. What a special treasure to show Avery one day. I have been reading through post after post. I will be sure to teach my sons, “Jesus Loves Me” very soon.

    I am not going to be running into you at the Fairfax NICU again. We transferred Corbin to Inova Fair Oaks NICU over the weekend. Dr. Littman had suggested it on Friday so we visited for a tour on Saturday and the transfer was complete on Sunday. Luckily, there have been some friendly faces. Another family we met in the Fairfax NICU transferred their twins to the Fair Oaks NICU on Saturday and their room is right next to ours (can you believe in the Fair Oaks NICU each baby has it’s own room! And the unit’s capacity is only 19 babies! There is also a Fairfax NICU nurse who just started working at the Fair Oaks NICU. She was working with Corbin’s nurse today and she told me this afternoon she had helped admit Corbin when he was admitted at Fairfax and she recognized him.

    If you are interested in receiving and invitation to the Memorial Service I mentioned to you, just e-mail me your mailing address and I will be sure you are added to the list. Invitations will be mailed in April. The service is held annually on the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend and is an ecumenical service. It is hosted by Divine Mercy Care (www.divinemercycare.org), an organization I do volunteer work for.

    I will be praying for you and your family on Friday as you honor Sienna Grace, and will continue to pray for you all every day. I am bookmarking your blog so I can check back in on Avery’s progress. What a beautiful gift Sienna and Avery are.

  5. Angel Leander says:

    Quintin and Robin,

    Although I will not be there please know my heart is there with you. I know this will be the hardest day that you will deal with. But, you will have so many people world wide there with you in spirit. I will make sure that I say a special prayer for you all and remember Sienna as she touched me so deeply

  6. Susan Lennon says:

    Robin, Quinn and Madison,
    You will all be in my heart on Friday as you have the memorial service honoring Sienna Grace♥
    With much love,
    Susan from Maine

  7. Claire says:

    Hi Robin and family,
    I just learned of your wonderful family tonight, at a FCMOM meeting. I was told about your story because I also have micropreemie twins, boys, who were born in January at 25 weeks gestation.

    I won’t go into my whole story here, but would love to share it with you and hear your story if you ever wish to meet up or chat. I will tell you that we were given a 100% chance that our twin, Noah, would die in utero or directly after birth…and by the grace of God or whatever miracle we were (undeservedly) blessed with, he did not. Then we were told that he would 100% die within the first few days of the NICU…he did not. Then we were told horrible predictions about his quality of life…and on and on.

    I say this with horrible sadness that the doctors predictions were, tragically, true for your sweet angel Sienna…but also with tremendous hope that the doctors predictions may NOT be true for your miracle Avery.

    I know the world of micropreemies, and have been through a LONG stay with both boys at INOVA Fairfax NICU. I will pray for you continuously, and would be happy to talk to you about my experience, offer you support, or anything else you need. Please get in touch through FCMOM…Krista Strickland (Sunshine Committee) put me in touch with your story (given that she knows I also had micropreemies, with challenging NICU courses) and she will be able to get us in touch.

    I so wish I could be there tomorrow to honor your sweet Sienna Grace, but sadly, my boys are sick and I have to stay home and care for them. I will, for sure, be with you in thoughts and much prayer…I hope you do not mind that I will post about your family and your daughter on my boys’ CarePage, so that the thoughts and prayers of the hundreds of loving folks following our journey can also pray with your family tomorrow.


  8. Suzanna says:

    We have been thinking of you all and are with you in spirit. I am pleased to read about Avery Rose’s progress and hope to see you soon.


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