A Heavy Heart

I have been hurting for a long time now but my pain was compounded two days ago when I spoke with one of the NICU parents that we met during our first days in the unit.

I wrote about Mike early on and explained how he had lost his wife unexpectedly while she was 24 weeks pregnant and that was the reason that his daughter was born premature. I also wrote about his generosity and caring nature. I explained that he had given us clothes for our girls and had been there as a literal shoulder for me to cry on when we first were told that we were losing Sienna. I feel like he and his daughter have become part of our family. Mike is a wonderful soul who has been dealt a terrible hand to play and his story has unfortunately become worse.

Mike explained to me two days ago that his daughter, Layla, is unfortunately not going to make it. While she did not suffer the intra-ventricular hemorrhage that Avery did, she did suffer damage to her brain stem-the area of the brain that produces the most basic of reflexes. She will most likely never be able to carry out the basic steps of eating and would likely never have any quality of life. With tears welling in his eyes Mike explained to me the options that he had before him and none of them are good.

Even after losing Sienna, I cannot begin to fathom the thoughts that are going through Mike’s mind, and I hurt more and more each time I try to put myself in his shoes. Please, everyone that reads this, say a prayer for Mike and Layla.

Mike, you will forever be in our hearts and if ever you need anything I am only a phone call away.

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7 Responses to A Heavy Heart

  1. Susan Lennon says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Mike and Layla♥
    Susan in Maine

  2. Lily says:

    OMG–I cant even start to imagine how hard it is for Mike!!! I know how NICU news can be…I will keep Mike and little Layla in my prayers!

  3. You said so eloquently the way I’ve been feeling since hearing the news. Love and many prayers for peace to Mike and his beautiful daughter, Layla.

  4. Erin and Steven Shillingburg says:

    i have also been following Mikes story since you all talked about him! Mike and Layla are in my prayers! give Mike extra hugs for us all!

  5. Angel and family says:

    Please make sure you tell Mike that I am praying for him and Layla. May God be with him during this time. Hold him with love and his baby girl Layla

  6. MoDLin says:

    Mike and Layla are very much in our thoughts today. We wish Mike comfort at this very difficult time. You are a good friend to share this.

  7. Stephanie says:

    I knew Mike and Teresa as a co-worker and worked with Teresa for three years so this news is very difficult to digest. Mike is an incredible person, a dedicated husband, and father! I cannot imagine his emotional pain at this moment; the only thing I can do is hold Mike and sweet Layla up in prayer. Thank you for writing about Mike and Layla; it is through Mike’s blog that I came to follow your daughters through NICU.


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