“She’s come a long way, baby…”

Yesterday and today were very good days for Avery.    She has been at 21 (what we all breathe) on her nasal cannula, and has been “satting” at 100 – the highest possible.    Two different respiratory therapists came by yesterday to tell us how happy they are to see her doing so well and one of them exclaimed, “she’s come a long way, baby!”     Later, one of her doctors came by and said, “She looks great.  Now, mom and dad just have to be patient.”   Before he walked away, he added, “she’s come a long way…”   Music to our ears.

I enjoyed every second of Kangaroo Care yesterday while she peacefully rested on my chest and Quin looked on with a big smile over my shoulder.   The entire two hours I held her, her numbers were as good as they could get on her current setting.   It is such a joy to see her progress.

Another huge milestone…Quin and I also heard Avery cry loudly last night, which is the first time we have actually heard her cry!   (Imagine going 12 weeks without ever hearing your baby cry?!?  Who would think you’d want to hear this so badly?!?)  We both jumped in surprise as she let it wail for about 5 seconds and then just as quickly went back to sleep.  We were so deeply moved that we both started to cry ourselves that our little girl had finally “found her voice.”   Amen.


A "close-up" of the precious one... (I'm lovin' the strawberry-blonde eyelashes!)


She had another excellent day today and if she continues doing as well, they will likely try to ween her pressure more tomorrow.   We still have quite a hike ahead, but her respiratory development is showing some very positive steps in the right direction and we certainly do not take this for granted.    Today, she weighed in at 3 lb 9 oz and actually outgrew most of her tiny knit hats (whoo hoo!)   On Monday, she’ll be 12 weeks old and 35 weeks gestational age – still 5 weeks from her due date.


Cuddling with Daddy...



Stretching between diaper changes....



Pretty in pink...


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10 Responses to “She’s come a long way, baby…”

  1. Sarah and Joaquin says:

    Your little ninja is so cute! It is great to hear that she is growing out of her clothes … and crying 🙂 Love the red hair!

  2. Erin and Steven Shillingburg says:

    She has come a long way! She knows shes got to fight because shes got so many people that love her waiting for the day they can ALL hold her! every time you post i get chills b/c it feels like i am right there with you all (you both write so beautifully!)

    Hugs and prayers

    I have an outfit for Avery ill try to remember to send it to work next week

  3. Sharon Boisvert says:

    thank you thank you for sharing with the world her up’s and down’s Everyday I pray for more succeses and everyday I see light at ther end of the tunnel.

    Thank you for sharing your story, love accomplishment’s and prayers.

  4. Nicole Malachowski says:

    Look at her go… I love it! She is just so beautiful. She HAS come a long way baby 🙂 Oh, to hear that sweet cry for the first time…what a life changing moment. So very happy for you all!

  5. Lily says:

    Congratulations to little Amazing Avery! They are wonderful moments, am so happy for you. You describe all those moments so wonderfurly, even though we went through the same few weeks ago, it still brings chills and tears to my eyes…but this time they are tears of joy….We thank God for the milestones…there are still many more ahead!
    Go Avery!

  6. andrea and jason says:

    just wanted to let you know how much it meant to us to have you guys at our wedding. thank you SOOOOOO much for coming- we had a blast and hope you did too! we were so flattered that you made the time to go, but most importantly we are so relieved and proud that Avery is healthy enough to allow the trip- thats such a great sign!! i keep checking your page for updates a couple times a day, any chance you can upload a video of your tiny warrior’s battle cry?!?

  7. Angel and family says:

    Wow… You guys should write a novel about the long journey home. Words just can not express just how much she means to everyone. She has captured everyones hearts. Sienna as well. Beautiful little baby getting bigger and stronger making her life well desserved. Thank you God for blessing us with one of the most beautiful gifts. An Angel so delicate so sweet and so pure

  8. Sara Stalnaker says:

    First of all, let me say that my prayers have been with you from the beginning as I learned of your journey from a Wirt co. friend. I’m from Parkersburg by way of Grantsville. I have twin boys and can’t begin to imagine the ways your heart has been pulled. God Bless you both and your 3 beautiful daughters as your journey continues. Thank you for sharing your joys and pain with the world. Prayers for the continued growing of Avery and the continued healing of your whole family.

  9. Susan McMurray says:

    She looks really great. Growing in leaps and bounds. So thrilled to hear about her good progress. We hope and pray that it continues. Thinking of you every day.

    Much love from CA.

  10. Avery has been in our prayers and our hearts since my cousin Heidi told us about her and Sienna. God is sooo good and we are so Blessed by these updates you provide. May our Lord continue to strengthen and sustain both of you as you enrich and encourage this special angel girl. Avery is so beautiful and courageous and I thank God and both of you for allowing her to be a part of our lives. She is on our Prayer lists and hearts out here in Washington. Love to all .

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