6 lbs of miracle

Smiling from ear to ear yesterday, I held my cooing baby girl on her 136th day of life, now 5+ times her original birth weight.   As I watched her snuggle in close, smile, and knead my skin with her perfect little fingers, I felt overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.  Her mannerisms are now “newborn-like” and she’s smiling every time she’s awake.

Over the last week, Quin and I have been trying to balance working, spending even more time at the hospital, fighting off colds, creating holiday fun and decorations for Maddie,  and operating with guarded optimism that she may actually be coming home in the next 2-3 weeks.  I’m still praying that she will be here on Christmas morning and that her first Christmas will be spent in the warmth of our home instead of in the NICU.   The actual date is less important, obviously, than the fact that we now can see light at the end of this long, dark tunnel.   It’s been an absolutely amazing whirlwind of progress and challenges for her this last month.   Like a true champion, she has taken on each new challenge and has made progress.  She actually reached the volume of food she needs to take in (60 cc) to come home today.   She gets an MRI, more therapy, and 3 immunizations in the coming few days.

We will write more updates as we can, and until then, wanted to at least provide a quick update and some of the latest pictures of our now 6 lb miracle!    Thank you all for your continued prayers and well wishes as we embark on the next few (hopefully FINAL) weeks in the hospital.

"Thanks for the terrific new mobile Grammy and Pap! I love the classical music and these twirling animals are fascinating!"


"Well helloooooo there fan club! It makes me happy to know you love me."

"Aaaaawwwhyah! Naps rock!"

"...dreaming about Santa..."

"RRRHHH. Look at ME - I'm tough like a BEAR!"

"heh, heh, heh...just kidding...I'm not REALLY a bear! Wait... what's that nurse doing?"

"Seriously folks.... I'm ready to bust outta here!"

"...but until then, I'll rest up and just look adorable..." (ISN'T THIS PICTURE GORGEOUS!??)

"Where DID that cool chewy thing go?"

"Oh good.... Mommy found it. Night, night my loves..."

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10 Responses to 6 lbs of miracle

  1. Rebecca (Hill) McKown says:

    She is soo precious. She sure looks ready to go home. I sure hope you get your Christmas wish. You will definitely have your Christmas Miracle, regardless. 🙂

  2. Soooooooooo adorable!! I am so glad she is doing and looking great!! Can’t wait to see here come home!!

  3. Diane Sheridan says:

    Sooooooooooooo happy to see how much she has grown and I am praying that she will be home for Christmas!! She truly is a “miracle” and her latest photos make my heart happy for all of you.
    Can just imagine how thrilled Maddie is to get her letter from Santa, bet she is asking Santa to bring her baby sister home, too. Those pictures are precious, I kept looking at them over and over again. God bless you all and instead of praying for a White Christmas I will pray for “Avery’s Christmas Homecoming”.

  4. Nicole Malachowski says:

    Stop the press! Look at your little miracle! My, my, my…these pictures make our hearts jump with joy. A 6lb Christmas Miracle indeed! Yes, yes, yes…she will be home so soon…enjoying some beautiful beachfront property. My whole family sends their admiration and love.

  5. Danielle says:

    It is evident from your postings that you truly are wonderful parents to your daughter and have very carefully been chosen for her. I recently learned of your journey while visiting our son in the Fairfax NICU and have enjoyed reading about your journey…although it hits a little too close to home. Our journeys are very closely aligned and with many of your posts it felt like I wrote them myself. We delivered twins at 25 weeks and lost our daughter due to the severe prematurity of her lungs. We’ve encountered numerous setbacks including fluid around the heart, hydrocephalus, isolation from an infection, and retinopathy. I learned today that you moved to the step-down unit. CONGRATS! This is a huge step for little Avery, which I know for most doesn’t come without having walked a long road. And as much as you embrace the excitement of other babies going home, I know your heart aches to have the same glory for your own daughter. You are so close to the end of this chapter of your journey – keep up your faith and strength. I would love to chat with you if you are interested – feel free to contact me. If you don’t have energy I completely understand that. I have found that talking to people who have walked in your shoes is often a relief in not having to explain so many of your feelings. My prayers include your family not only for being at home for Christmas, but also in learning to live in the “new norm” that you will call life. Feel free to read our journal – http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/coltonjohn. You are very right about having a deeper appreciation for the gift you have in your daughter. That is a true gift that many parents will never have. Prayers and hope for you my dear!

  6. Suzanne Shutty says:

    I’m so happy to hear how well Avery is doing. She is gorgeous! I can’t wait to meet her and am keeping my fingers crossed that she is at home for her first Christmas., and I realize that it will be a special Christmas no matter where you celebrate!

  7. Love the pictures! WOW!!! 6lbs already – congrats, such good news.

  8. Melissa Silbaugh says:

    What a georgeous baby!!! After you guys go home can you please take a picture of her in a stocking and post it?

  9. Susan Lennon says:

    Avery is an absolute Gift from God to two very loving parents and a huge sea of love from all over the country…..
    My heart swells for you both as you embark on this new chapter in little precious Avery’s life…..
    6lbs!! Mom WOW! she is growing bigger Mommie and will soon be rocking at home with you both and big sister Maddie….
    What an amazing accomplishment! Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful pictures of your sweet sweet Avery Rose….
    With much love, Susie from Maine

  10. Susan McMurray says:

    Wow, I am so impressed and thrilled. She looks amazing and adorable. I am praying that Avery will be home for Christmas. What an amazing gift that will be whenever it happens. I am so happy for all of you.

    Love and Christmas cheer from CA.

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