Step Up To The Step Down

Since right after Avery’s shunt surgery the nurses have been talking to us about the mystical place in the NICU that to us was known as Room 200. This room is called the “step-down room,” and the “heat and eat.” These nicknames were earned because generally when babies are sent to that room their only real need is to eat more and grow. It is literally and figuratively, usually, the last stop before the baby is discharged from the hospital. We had first heard about the room during our first week in the NICU while we were in one of the support group meetings and then we would hear more about it as parents with whom we became friends talked about their babies being moved there. But it continued to remain foreign to us.

Early on Sunday morning we received a phone call telling us that Avie had been moved to this new world. I had personally resigned myself to not caring whether or not she was moved there; I was just looking for her to be moved home. Aside from that we had also become very familiar with the pace of the room in which she had spent all of her days with the exception of her short stay at Georgetown. And we had become attached to our nurses and doctors in that room. Nevertheless, progress is progress and I was happy with the news.

"Did someone say I'm moving?"

Our visit that morning brought us more good news. Two of the doctors that have cared for Avie for much of her time in the NICU had decided that they would continue to care for her despite the transfer to the step down room. The doctor explained that they had done this due to her extensive history, which could be viewed as hesitance to “dump” a new problem on one’s colleagues. But I am looking at it as more of a compliment that these doctors who have seen her through all that she has endured (not to mention dealing with Robin and I through all of it) want to continue to care for her until she leaves the hospital.

And speaking of leaving the hospital-I can’t believe that I am about to do this, but here goes-the doctor told Robin today that our departure will likely be even sooner than we had thought; as soon as early next week. I am still cautiously optimistic about such a prediction, but oh what a Christmas it will be if indeed she is released that soon.

My Christmas wish may well be granted.

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14 Responses to Step Up To The Step Down

  1. Erin and Steven Shillingburg says:

    OH what an awesome Christmas it will be if you all get to bring Avery home! I will pray that is the case! She is a fighter and has touched so many lives in so many ways ( i know she will continue to do just that!) EEK! im just so excited that there is a light at the end of this VERY long tunnel you all have been traveling through!

    prayers and Christmas Wishes

    Erin Shillingburg

  2. Nicole Malachowski says:

    What a wonderful milestone she has achieved! Our fingers, and toes, are crossed…in hopes of the greatest Christmas Gift of all time!

  3. Reed Engdahl says:

    What a wonderful Christmas gift. May God Bless each of you that Avery will be home with you on Christmas!

  4. Rebecca (Hill) McKown says:

    Tears in my eyes again with this post, but this time tears of joy. I hope you get your Christmas miracle.

  5. Yay!!! We will pray for her coning home soon…I am way excited for you guys!! Merry Christmas!!
    Lala and Carl Sorenson

  6. Stacey Slone says:

    Wonderful news!! Your own little Christmas miracle and there couldn’t be a better one!

  7. Sarah and Joaquin says:

    That is such good news! The pictures you posted are adorable. Avery has the cutest little baby face and such a great smile. We love you Avie!!

  8. beth says:

    I sooo hope that Christmas List gets checked off!! So excited to hear the little warrior is getting closer to home sweet home at last!

  9. Monique (another Fairfax NICU mom) says:

    Yeah!!!! Yes, the NICU taught me to be cautiously optomistic, but it sounds like Avery is so close!!! Regardless of which day it ends up being it is cause for celebration.

  10. Nancy says:

    Crying with joy!!! Love you guys!

  11. Lily says:

    Ohhhhh what a wonderful news–am soooo happy. Our God is an Amazing God!!! What an answered prayer!

  12. Shasta Brown says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! How wonderful that would be. She has come such a long way from the first time I met Robin. I am so happy that Avie is doing so well. That is the best thing to hear when you are in the NICU; predictions on when your baby will go home. It goes quickly, once they decide she needs to go, they will move so fast. It is almost a whirlwind that catches you by surprise. Good luck and I am keeping my fingers crossed for her to be home by Christmas. YEAH!!!!

  13. Lauren (another NICU mom) says:

    I am SO happy for you both! Though I enjoyed seeing you both in the room where my girls are, I was so glad when I saw that Avery had been moved on Sunday morning. I’ll continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope I don’t see you around the NICU much longer.

  14. So, so, so excited and happy for you! (So excited!)

    Can’t wait to hear she is HOME!!!

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