Homecoming Day – Year One

Avery Rose - Christmas 2011

One year ago today, our NICU hell ended and Avery Rose came home with us.  After 5 terrifying months, 6 major surgeries, and the earthly loss of her twin sister, she was finally in our arms.  For the first time since her birth, we were able to hold her anytime we wanted to, without asking for permission, without an obstacle of wires, without constant monitors beeping, and without the flurry of angels in scrubs rushing from child to child.  Today, we celebrate our Christmas miracle and what feels like her truest “birthday.”   Despite our inevitable uphill journey, we cherish every second, and EVERYTHING about her is sacred to us.  We appreciate your continued prayers for our tiny warrior.

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5 Responses to Homecoming Day – Year One

  1. lucy gray says:

    What a blessing to see this beautiful picture of your tiny warrior. We think of your family often and our sweet babies in heaven looking down on their twins Avery and Allie Grace here on earth. Love to your family always!

  2. Nicole Malachowski says:

    Happy New Year Roggenkamp family! Love the photo…she has really gotten so big 🙂 We think of Avery all the time, and we know 2012 will see her reach many, many, many more milestones!

  3. Lily says:

    Yes Dear Family,
    “EVERYTHING about her is sacred to us”: Sacred, Special, amazing… She is indeed, we think about you so often, you are in our prayers and it was a blessing to have known you! Avery is so big now…Thank you for the update…Happy New Year and we pray for a Year full of amazing milestones for Avery and the whole family.
    Stay blessed: Kalela, Lily and Ezra

  4. Shasta Brown says:

    I am so happy you have updated with a picture!! I met you briefly but I have followed your story for a really long time. Thanks so much for the picture!!! She is precious. I am sure it has been a long uphill battle-but she is 1 and is so cute!!! I love your story. Thanks for updating!!


  5. Patricia DiZebbs RN says:

    Hello !
    Its Patricia from the Watergate of Alexandria. I was thinking of you the other day and was wondering how your daughter is doing?

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